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You’ll not only have a lot of fun by getting involved, 你也会培养出在大学毕业后很长一段时间里都用得着的领导能力和技能.


You can join one of our clubs and organizations, help plan the Student Activities events, volunteer, and much more.

Some of the events we offer are concerts, hypnotists, open mic nights, carnivals, mentalists, and many others. 

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ABT - Ag Club

The purpose of this club is to promote the profession of agriculture, to sponsor agricultural activities, develop a spirit of fellowship among its members, 为本州和全国的农民提供联系的媒介, 并在大学事务中担任农业学生的官方代理人.

Advisor: Jennifer Steffy

Architecture Club

澳门足球博彩官方网址的建筑俱乐部为学生提供了一个创造性和教育的探索平台, discuss, and engage with the field of architecture.

Advisor: Anna Bowens


Auto Club

汽车俱乐部致力于创造一个让汽车和卡车爱好者感到宾至如归的社区. They host a car show during Blazerfest and reach out to the community. 他们将车展的一部分收益回馈给社区或其他慈善组织. The club provides educational opportunities to members, such as trips and tours of automotive related events or facilities.

Advisor: Bill Butler

Bass Fishing Club

鲈鱼钓鱼俱乐部的目的是把那些对鲈鱼钓鱼运动有共同热情的学生聚集在一起. 俱乐部为会员提供机会,享受休闲钓鱼郊游和竞争对手之间的比赛.

Advisor: Eric Doane


Business Professional Club

文森斯大学商业专业俱乐部的目的是帮助培养一个有抱负的商业领袖社区,并赋予学生探索不同职业道路的能力, gain practical experience, 并为在充满活力的商业和创业世界中取得成功做好准备.

Advisor: Trey Miller


Ceramics Club

陶瓷俱乐部的目的是为学生提供一个教育和创意的出口, faculty, and staff. The members of the Ceramics Club will be educated on the process of making, working, firing, and using clay.

Advisor: Lalaana Fedorschak


Cheer Club

拉拉队的目的是让学生们发展他们的身体素质, teamwork, and leadership skills in a supportive and inclusive environment. 俱乐部成员参加各种各样的活动,如练习和表演欢呼, chants, and routines at sporting events, pep rallies, and community functions.

Advisor: Grace Jones


Christian Campus Fellowship

基督教校园团契是一个支持学生在他们的信仰成长的社区, deepen their understanding of Christian beliefs, and engage in spiritual practices. Through activities such as Bible studies and service projects, the club aims to foster spiritual growth, encourage fellowship, and promote Christian values on campus.

Advisor: Preston Ratliff


Cyber Crime Investigators

CCI为澳门足球博彩官方网址的学生提供了一个社区,让对网络安全感兴趣的学生进行合作, learn, and apply their skills to solve real-world cybersecurity challenges.

Advisor: Greg Hirsch



电子竞技俱乐部为澳门足球博彩官方网址的学生提供了一个学习和参加电子竞技的组织. 诸如小组(虚拟和面对面)会议和计划中的活动将有助于促进电子竞技的学习和竞争.

Advisor: Christian Swinford


Earth Science Club


Advisor: Andrew Smith



Eta Sigma Iota:国土安全和公共安全组织的目的是为国土安全和其他公共安全专业的学生提供适当的工具,以最大限度地发挥他们在公共安全服务领域的职业潜力.

Advisor: Louis Caprino


Friends Club

Reach out to individuals living with special needs. 在诺克斯县,许多有特殊需要的成年人都喜欢结交新朋友. They enjoy eating meals, 和文森斯大学社区的学生们一起玩游戏和聊天. 作为朋友俱乐部的一员,你会给别人的生活带来不同.

Advisor: Ann Herman


Legal Studies Club

法律研究俱乐部的目的是为学生提供探索的机会, engage with, 并加深他们对传统课堂设置之外的法律领域的理解.

Advisor: Shannon Hudson


Magic The Gathering Club

万智牌俱乐部是一群对这款标志性的集换式卡牌游戏充满热情的爱好者的聚会. Members come together to play, discuss strategies, organize tournaments, trade cards, and foster a welcoming community for all levels of players, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

Advisor: Christian Swinford


Photo Club

摄影俱乐部的目标是为对摄影感兴趣的学生提供一个创造性的出口,以探索和发展他们的技能, share their passion for visual storytelling, and build a supportive community of fellow photographers.

Advisor: Chris Schneberger


Pre-Vet Club

澳门足球博彩官方网址这里的兽医预科俱乐部是所有关于支持有兴趣从事兽医事业的学生. 参与者将能够了解兽医领域并探索该专业的不同专业, 让他们为兽医学校的申请过程做好充分的准备.

Advisor: Rachael Risley


Surveying Club

目的是将澳门足球博彩官方网址测量技术专业的学生聚集在一起. 澳门足球博彩官方网址的目标是为学生创造一种氛围,让他们建立彼此之间的友谊和网络,他们可以利用这些友谊和网络,并在澳门足球博彩官方网址毕业后继续使用. It offers encouragement, support, and guidance for the unique challenges surveyors in the field experience.

Advisor: Jessica Hess


Triple S Club

目的是创造一个有凝聚力的环境,鼓励代表性不足的学生参与和保留活动, programs, and special events of COPE Student Support Services.

Advisor: Candace Joles

澳门足球博彩官方网址 Catholic Club

澳门足球博彩官方网址天主教俱乐部的目的是为学生提供一个可以探索的社区, deepen, and share their faith within the context of their college experience. Through prayer gatherings, religious discussions, service projects, and social events, the club aims to foster spiritual growth, support one another in their faith journey, and promote Catholic values on campus.

Advisor: Mistene Halter



Contact Information

Student Activities Office

Office located in the PE Complex, Room 102


Director of Student Activities, Elizabeth Hutchinson


Student Activities Coordinator, Rachael Risley



Campus Organizations

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Purpose: To create a sense of community and belonging through cultural, social, educational, and entertainment programs for the University and surrounding community.

CAB's Responsibilities include:

  • Creation of events that are inclusive, diverse, innovative, and educational
  • 策划活动,提高士气,自我意识,和大学文化
  • 与校园内的俱乐部和组织,以及其他部门和社区建立联系

President - Shelby Liegl
Email: TBD

Vice President - Adler Crumrin

Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator - Olivia Steward
Email: TBD

Finance Coordinator - Kyle Cooper
Email: TBD

Secretary - Drew Powers
Email: TBD

CAB office is located in the PE Complex, Room 102

Student Government Association (SGA)

宗旨:代表和服务文森斯大学的学生,处理与他们的教育和福利有关的一切事务, 同时为所有在校注册的社团和组织提供监督和支持.

SGA's Responsibilities include:

  • 促进大学内高等教育的持续改善.
  • Promoting high standards for the quality and enrichment of student life.
  • Creating a venue to promote diverse ideas, values, cultures, and experiences within the University community.
  • Protecting student rights and promoting ethical behavior.
  • Providing a forum for the expression of student views and interests.
  • Providing and maintaining relationships between SGA, the 澳门足球博彩官方网址 students, the University, and the community.


President - Marissa Bradley
Email: TBD

Vice-President - Ivan Daily
Email: TBD

Financial Coordinator - Carson James
Email: TBD 

Public Relations Coordinator - Alli Lininger
Email: TBD

SGA office located in PE Complex, Room 102

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